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Cello Mastery Program with Emmanuel Feldman

In this intensive advanced cello program, I’ll show you simple and powerful ways to:


  • Hold the cello in a natural and ergonomic way and to hold the bow in a powerful new way that gives subtlety, flexibility, power and endurance

  • Master balance and the use of free weight in both arms by animating the back and upper body for effortless bowing and left arm motion

  • Produce vibrato with ease and use it actively to shift, activate and balance finger changes bringing incredible flexibility to the left hand

  • Develop variety in musical expression through flexible tempo, multi-layer dynamics through bow placement, and vibrato widths and speed to expand sound color and intensity

  • Follow your own true musical instincts by animating your playing through expressive motion tapping into you own autonomous accuracy and intuition

  • Help you understand how to create logical and organized fingerings to have security and cello “GPS” while you learn, memorize and perform your repertoire

  • Tackle that new repertoire piece you want to learn and to demystify any cello problem with you!

Each month participants will receive


  • Four 90 minutes one on one lessons in person (vaccinated participants) or online on Skype, Zoom or Soundjack in real time (which is preferred, contact me for more details)

  • Four 1 hour technique classes on many subjects

  • Two Studio Classes

  • Two guest master classes, previous guests include David Ying, Zlatomir Fung and Anna Clift

  • Office hours twice each month online to address questions or concerns

  • Opportunity to perform in master classes and final concert

  • Access to instructional videos and digital library 24/7

  • Practice partner for accountability and support Competition & audition preparation as needed

  • Support for Competition and audition preparation and planning strategy

  • Private Facebook group




Regular Cello Mastery Program Price:  $1175 per month


Special Supplemental Program Price: $690 per month

If you are already studying with me at a school or university you can join the program for a supplemental price. Same if you are studying with another teacher and just want to be part of the classes.

Classes include bi-weekly technique class, studio class, office hour, website and private Facebook access and guest masterclasses with the opportunity to perform in recital at the end of the semester.

Use the contact form to get in touch with me with any questions.

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